The structural steelworks are manufactured in our plant in Dobruška. The company has its own production hall of 36 x 17 metres with an overhead travelling crane the lifting capacity of which is 5,000 kg. The plant in Dobruška is also provided with suitable storage rooms and handling facilities with all the necessary equipment. Our welders are duly and officially certified in all the categories required by and pursuant to the respective regulations.

The company is also a holder of the GREAT CERTIFICATE OF QUALIFICATION for structural steelworks manufacture pursuant to the CSN 73 2601 – Z2 Standard and, in order to control the quality of its products, the company of PSV STAVEBNÍ s.r.o. has introduced the QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM according to ISO 9001:2009 in the area of structural steelworks manufacture and erection with respect to the requirements of the DIN EN ISO 3834-2 Standard.

The company of PSV STAVEBNI s.r.o. manufactures and supplies the following:

Structural Steelworks:

  • Halls
  • Roofing of various buildings and engineering structures
  • Building-ins, superstructures
  • Engineering structures for technical equipment
  • Sheds, platforms, ramps
  • Reinforcing and supporting structures

Atypical Metal Products & Structures:

  • Staircases (interior, exterior, spiral etc.)
  • Railings, guardrails, handrails, fences (banisters, exterior railings etc.)
  • Ladders (exterior, interior, fire-service ladders etc.)
  • Hoods, awnings, canopies, doorways and portals
  • Gates, doors (right- or left-handed, swing doors, sliding doors, overhead gates etc.)
  • Fencing & accessories
  • Other metal products according to the client's requirements

including the related services such as:

Working Drawings / Project Drawings / Contract Documents

  • Study & structural design
  • Structural steelwork design & static calculation
  • Shop drawings

Surface Finish

  • Painting system
  • Hot-dip galvanizing
  • Other

Transportation to the place of destination



Čs. Odboje 964
518 01 Dobruška

Telephone: +420 494 623 560
Fax: +420 494 623 143

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